Hi, my name is Courtney. Nice to meet you!

profile picture Hello! My name is Courtney and I'm currently living in Providence, Rhode Island. I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computational Media. My undergraduate focus was primarily web site design, UI design, and HCI.

I have proven skills in HTML, (including HTML5), CSS, (as well as CSS3), and responsive design. I have also done projects with JavaScript, JQuery, C, Java, Python, and back-end coding for high-traffic corporate websites. My personal portfolio includes the design and development of various smaller project web sites. If I can, I'll work code into any task, whether I'm giving you technical support or drafting up the week's schedule.

My offline hobbies include yoga, reading, and video games.

Connect with me Highlights
  • Full design and development of websites
  • Content Management and Responsive design on major front-facing websites
  • Design and development of content and images for major promotional e-mails
  • Real-time HTML debugging for e-mails
  • Works alongside web developers to implement web content such as forms
  • Skills in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, and Drupal
  • ClickDimension Customer Satisfaction Award for Training 2013
  • Microsoft Certified Professional: Dynamics CRM 2011 Customization and Configuration
  • On-site international training in Toronto

I've been able to design and develop, as well as maintain, various websites over the past few years.

2012 - 2015

Nederman Responsive Landing Page
Commissioned Responsive Landing Page | HTML - A client requested a responsive version of an existing landing page made with the ClickDimensions' designer. Starting with the original code and requested layout, I added media queries to provide a clean transition to smaller devices. The project was completed within the allotted time frame along with my regular workload, and the client was grateful for the quick turnaround and the results.

courtneysmithweb.net - My portfolio was coded by hand using JQuery and JavaScript for navigation and animations. The site serves to house my current and past professional projects all in valid HTML5 and using CSS3 for responsive design.

My role at ClickDimensions allowed me the opportunity to update and maintain several pages on different platforms on a daily basis. I was also able to contribute to the re-design of our homepage, especially in coding the responsive design.

ClickDimensions Homepage
clickdimensions.com - After having designed and updated various pages for the site, I was asked to contribute to the re-design. I coded the majority of the responsiveness of the site, made design decisions, and performed miscellaneous coding tasks on along with my normal responsibilities.

I update both the Partners page and the Team page on our Drupal platform several times a week.

ClickDimensions Help Site
help.clickdimensions.com - A sizeable part of the position can be the upkeep of the help and training site, where I develop graphical and written content, contribute to the overall organization, and apply theme and design updates as requested. I am also responsible for updating and backing up the page in Wordpress, including choosing and installing applicable plugins.

ClickDimensions 404 Page
ClickDimensions 404 Page | HTML - I asked for permission to improve upon the previous 404 page and created this simple design. This page is still in rotation should you stumble upon a page that doesn't exist.

ClickDimensions Team Page
ClickDimensions Team Page | HTML - One of the first web projects I did for ClickDimensions, I was asked to re-design the team page based on another website's layout. The simple page offers a subtle effect when you hover over each person. Links to their LinkedIn pages are also included.


College of Literature, Media, and Culture Home Page at the Georgia Institute of Technology
lmc.gatech.edu - The Literature, Communications and Culture college of Georgia Tech required assistance in rebranding their main page and hosted sub-sites for their new name LMC (Literature, Media and Culture). My role included updating textual content, data clean up, and minor database interaction.

Computational Media Home Page
cm.lmc.gatech.edu - I installed a new theme for the site using Joomla and actively developed content, including Theme implementation using Joomla was the main focus of this position. I also drafted, organized, and produced content for the site.
Please note the original layout is no longer in use.

Poetry Home Page at the Georgia Institute of Technology
poetry.gatech.edu - The poetry site needed some basic information updates to events and members. I also did a quick clean up of some of the code as well.

Original Personal Portfolio
courtneysmithweb.net - The first draft of my portfolio was branded 'Girl in Glasses' and was a custom Wordpress theme I had created. It showcased sites I'd previously worked on and included relevant blog posts as well.


The Ghost Club Home Page
ghostclubusa.com - The capstone project for the Computational Media major, our group worked with a client to develop a website with social media feeds and a comprehensive forum-wiki to promote the upcoming movie The Ghost Club. We designed and developed the site in Drupal, including the layout.
Please note the original layout is no longer in use.

Brian German Research Group Home Page at the College of Aerospace
bgerman.ae.gatech.edu - During the summer of 2011 I developed and designed this website for a research group under the College of Aerospace Engineering. I created the site in Drupal from scratch.
Please note the original layout is no longer in use.


Project 2 for Designing for the Internet
Design for the Internet Project | HTML - This was a project for Designing for the Internet, a course I took at Georgia Tech. I coded it from scratch and used a tabbed layout with JQuery, a lightbox, and a contact form.

Project 1 for Designing for the Internet
Design for the Internet Project | HTML - A simple, introductory site created for Designing for the Internet which functioned as a mock portfolio. It was hand-coded in its entirety.


I have designed, coded, and developed content for official mailings that ClickDimensions distributes. I have drafted up code alongside using our in-house editors.

Quarterly New Release E-mail - HTML | HTML or MSG | HTML or MSG | HTML or MSG
New Release E-mails for ClickDimensions New Release E-mails for ClickDimensions New Release E-mails for ClickDimensions New Release Webinar E-mail for ClickDimensions
Since January of 2014, I have been able to develop our quarterly release e-mails. For these messages I developed a design in our solution's editor and then tweaked the code for final touches. In this case, I was able to not only develop the layout but also wrote content, corrected code, and chose and edited images for the release. I have recently also been in charge of disseminating these messages to our customers.

Onboarding E-mails - HTML | HTML | HTML
Onboarding E-mail 1 for ClickDimensions Onboarding E-mail 2 for ClickDimensions Onboarding E-mail 3 for ClickDimensions
Our onboarding e-mail series is the first impression new customers have of our solution. I hand-coded the design and loaded it into our editors for some final touch-ups. These automatically sent out e-mails introduce the customers to our product and provide a navigation for set-up steps. These messages are still currently in rotation.

User Interface Design

In the initial stages of designing a new software, our team was asked to contribute a few mockups for the overall navigation and single page menu. My designs were chosen out of the team.

Mockup of a single page
Single Page for Content Creation | PDF

Designed with Balsamiq, this is to represent what a single page may look like when creating content with the new software. The layout shows important options for getting started as well as explanatory tooltips. The left-hand navigation guides you through creating new content as well as reporting and statistics on already executed campaigns. Breadcrumbs help guide the process, and you can jump back into another area of the software at any point with the tabs above. The arrow "Save & Next" button makes the wizard style nature of the creation process more obvious and gives a clear indication of the next appropriate action.

A vertical navigation example
Vertical Navigation Mockup | HTML

This mockup shows a sample of what vertical navigation could look like. The main items include both organizational tools and data input (Organizations, Contacts, and Account Settings), but also options for content creation and reports and statistics. The menu could collapse and expand on click or hover for a more simplified experience. Subtle color branding gives each header its own palette to further facilitate navigational memory.

A horizontal navigation example
Horizontal Navigation Mockup | HTML

Similar in idea to the above, this is a horizontal navigation featuring colored tabs instead of a collapsing menu. More in-depth items in each tab may be part of a dropdown menu or a secondary menu string. Each tab is its own color and entering into that area uses a quick bit of JavaScript to change the background color to form a connection between color and location.

Graphic Design

Created in Adobe Illustrator, these posters were a class project in Interactive Design and could only include text, colors, and shapes.

Poster 1 for Interactive Design Poster 2 for Interactive Design Poster 3 for Interactive Design Poster 4 for Interactive Design Poster 5 for Interactive Design Poster 6 for Interactive Design Poster 7 for Interactive Design Poster 8 for Interactive Design Poster 9 for Interactive Design Poster 10 for Interactive Design

Layout Design

These articles were designed in Adobe InDesign and published during my work on the layout team with the Firewall, the College of Computing magazine.

Barcelona vs. GT Lorraine Article Design Academic Darwinism Article Design Upcoming Events Article Design

Blog Posts and Articles

My Marketing Success Manager position allows me to contribute short, informational blog posts and articles on a topic of my choosing. When relevant, I choose to write on code, coding practices for certain means, and instructional articles. Below are selected, applicable topics.

Introduction to HTML & CSS Presentation

I was asked to give an introductory presentation to the Customer Team in May of 2015 on HTML & CSS. It includes a Powerpoint presentation and simple supplementary HTML files to illustrate how the code works.