Here we sell many different types of the finest Chiyogami Yuzen origami paper to suit your creative pursuits such as traditional origami or even home decoration!

What does "Chiyogami Yuzen" mean, exactly?
The elaborate patterns on the paper are "Yuzen". Yuzen were first used in the textile industries of olden Japan. "Chiyogami", on the other hand, is the name to do with repeated designs used originally on paper in the Edo period of Japan's history. ("-Gami" is a derivative of the word "kami", which means paper.) So, together, "Chiyogami Yuzen" refers to mixing these two styles of patterns.


Why should you buy Chiyogami Yuzen origami paper?
Chiyogami Yuzen designs are based on traditional kimono patterns dating all the way from Edo Japan (1603 - 1868). Such symbols that often adorned the beloved kimono of yore such as cranes for long life and plum blossoms for beauty are reflected here. The colors chosen to print are deep and rich.

How is it made exactly?
Chiyogami Yuzen is still made with silkscreens by hand by many family companies throughout Japan. Each paper will undergo the silkscreening processing once for each color added, so often four or five times. They are placed delicately on a special rack for drying inbetween each round.

What else can it be used for?
The papers can be used for many different crafts, including the beloved past time origami. They can also be used in creating book covers, packaging, lampshades, frame accents, greeting cards, etc. They can even be placed over a picture frame or a light switch to accent a room. The possiblities are yours to explore!


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