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ClickDimensions April 2014 Update

Today, April 16th, we have released a new update for ClickDimensions with a number of new features! This will be version 6.0.0 of our solution.

Starting on April 16th, customers using CRM 2011 or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. If you've signed up to have new versions automatically installed, we have scheduled the update to take place over the weekend of May 10th, 2014.

CRM 4.0 customers can contact our technical support team to request the updated installer. Please include your CRM org name and external URL for verification purposes.
For full details on our new release, please see our release notes.
See the New Features in Action

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Tuesday, April 22nd

1:00 pm UTC / 9:00 am EST
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4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm EST
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Social Sharing for Drag and Drop | New Feature!

We're adding in Social Sharing for the Drag and Drop editor! One of our most-requested features this time around, you can now add a social type block to the editor. The set up will be the same as in our other editors. Choose your icons, networks, and preferences and let the shares come in!

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Reply to Email for Email Sends | New Feature!

Another highly requested feature, you can now specify a reply-to address for your Email Sends. This allows you to send an email from a specific User, the record owner, or employee at your company without leaving them with any automatic messages. You can redirect any replies, automatic or otherwise, to another email address for moderation.

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Multiple Webinar Connectors | New Feature!

If you have multiple GoToWebinar or WebEx accounts (or even both), you can now set up mutliple connectors to bring that data in. Just create new connections and we'll do the rest! There's no limitation on the number of these connections you can create, so you can now integrate all your webinars with ClickDimensions and CRM!

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Export Email Statistics Graphs | New Feature!

Arguably one of our most used features is our improved Email Statistics graphs. Now we're offering the option to export these graphs as a PDF file straight from the Email Send. Save your reports locally for easy review and comparison amongst similar emails.

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EU Data Center | New Feature!

We've launched a new data center for ClickDimensions! Based in the Netherlands, this Microsoft Azure data center will host all ClickDimensions processes locally for EU customers. New organizations can be added to this server upon proper registration. Existing customers can contact support to inquire about migration.

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Additional Features | Improved Functionality!

Clone Nurture Programs Just like Email Sends and Web Content, you can now create a Clone of your Nurture Programs. Click the Clone button on the top of any Nurture, add the desired Marketing Lists to the new program, and click Run to start it.

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Remove from Marketing List Action The counterpart to the Add to Marketing List Action, you can now remove Leads or Contacts from a Marketing List upon submission of a Web content record.

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Google Analytics Tracking now Optional for Emails By default, any CRM Campaigns associated with an Email Send can will track campaigns within Google Analytics. You can now disable this feature on the Email Send record.

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Usage Charts New Usage Charts provide a clearer picture of your volume. They can also be filtered to show data in certain time frames.

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Bulk SMS International and Bulk SMS South Africa Bulk SMS will now work with International and South African accounts, allowing you to send SMS messages from South African numbers.

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