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ClickDimensions April 2015 Update

We released a new update, version 6.6.0, for ClickDimensions with a number of new features!

Starting on April 28th, customers using CRM 2011 or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. If you've signed up to have new versions automatically installed, we have scheduled the update to take place over the weekend of May 16th, 2015.

CRM 4.0 customers can contact our technical support team to request the updated installer. Please include your CRM org name and external URL for verification purposes.

For full details on our new release, please see our release notes.

See the New Features in Action

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Thursday, May 7th

10:30 am EST (2:30 pm UTC)
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7:00 pm EST (11:00 pm UTC)
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Import Tool | New Feature!

An extention of current CRM behavior, our new import tool lets you add Leads and Contacts to your CRM as well as to and from certain records in your system. You can now import and add everyone on the list to a Marketing List, remove them from a Marketing List, or create an Event Participation record for them. This fills a gap in the CRM import process where only new records are imported and added into a particular list. It's also especially useful when logging participants who registered in person for a trade show or convention.

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Set Block Background Color in Drag and Drop | Improvement!

Previously it was only possible to set the background color for entire sections in the Drag and Drop editor. For example, all blocks in the body section were the same color. We've now added additional functionality that allows you set the background color for each block individually so you can further tailor your emails to your personal branding and style.

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Logging Tools | Improvement!

The most robust systems may still occasionally run into errors. In light of this, we've added more advanced and specific logging for errors. You can now see logging for more ClickDimensions features as well as get more information on specific errors. Not only does this give you more information about your own system, but it can help the support process should you need to submit a ticket.

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Additional Features | Improved Functionality!

Toggle Responsive Design Responsive design makes it so that your Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Pages can scale automatically based on the size of the device displaying them. However, we've now added an option to turn this off if you prefer. Click here to read more

As always, we've also implemented several smaller improvements and fixes. For a detailed break down of all the updates, please see our release notes.

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